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This Is The Best Affordable Convertible Car Seat We Could Find

In this article we will give you the best affordable car seats we could find. These convertible car seats are the best for your money.  You can find a convertible car seat with most of the features you want on a budget.

We looked at several different models ourselves and decided that many of the features of the higher end car seats aren’t 100% necessary. You can do much better than just getting by with a car seat that’s half the price and even sometimes a third of the price of most car seats that you see being sold online.

The Graco 65 My Ride is the best option for parents looking to save money while still having a convertible car seat that gives them the best features. This is an exceptional car seat for the price with great safety features and it is also easy to install.

This is an excellent car seat for parents looking to keep their children in the rear-facing position for as long as possible. There many convertible car seats out there (some quite a bit more expensive than this one) that don’t allow your child to stay in the rear facing position for very long.

You can keep your child in the rear-facing position for quite a long time because of the high weight limits for this convertible. This car seat accommodates kids 5-40 lbs in the rear facing position and up to 60lbs in the forward facing position.

This car seat also has the five-point harness safety system, and it also uses the much easier to install latch system.

One of the main reasons parents throw away their old car seats is because the car seats are stained and worn down so much that it’s embarrassing to keep them. That won’t be a problem with this car see it because the cover is detachable and machine washable.

The car seat doesn’t weigh too much either coming in at just 16 pounds.

The problem with this car seat is that it lacks some of the convenience features that some of the more expensive car seats have but when you are on a budget, it’s not worth it having to pay 3 times as much money just for a slightly easier installation process.

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