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Why Do Parents Often Move Their Kids Forward Facing Early?

Anyone looking for the reasons parents often move their toddlers to forward facing too soon have come to the right place. 

In this article we will touch on a few of the reasons.

Some Parents Want To Be Able To Interact With Their Children

Many parents don’t want to waste any time not being able to interact with their children. Interaction is important for the mental development of a child, but a car ride with your child shouldn’t be THAT long, anyway. It will not hurt your child to not have interaction in this case, even if you are on a long road trip.

Some Parents Say They Want Their Kids To Have A Better View

Some parents believe that having a better view will make for a smoother ride for the child. However, your child can get a great view from the rear facing position by adjusting the recline position so they can get a better view of the back. You can adjust the seat as needed to give your baby a better view. Reclining the seat as far back as you can get it will often give your baby the best view.

Some Parents Worry About The Leg Room

Many parents will often remark about their child seeming uncomfortable with their legs mashed up in the rear facing position. There are many rear-facing car seats to choose from that will provide your child with more leg room depending on the extension panel.

Your child will be able to remain in the rear facing position longer if the seat makes it more comfortable for them to stay in that position. You just need to choose a better rear-facing seat.

Some Kids Suffer Motion Sickness

Some parents claim that their kids often get sick in the car because of being in the rear-facing position. Looking at something inside the car while it is moving can affect those kids prone to motion sickness.

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