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Finding The Best Lightweight Car Seats

This page will help you find the best lightweight stroller for your particular needs. There are lightweight car seats available, that don’t cost that much, that will give you the features you’re looking for. We are here to help you choose the right one.

You should be careful when looking for a car seat online. If you buy one online and don’t check the seat’s weight you might end up with a car seat that is up to 20 lb. heavy. That’s before you place your child into the car seat.

So it is important to find a car seat that won’t be a burden after continuous use.

Evenflo SureRide DLX

The Evenflo SureRide DLX weighs only 10.5 pounds but has a weight limit of up to 65 pounds when in the forward facing position. You can use this car seat for a child as light as 5 pounds. This car seat will accommodate your child for a few years. This might be the only car seat you will need before moving up to the booster seat.

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Evenflow Tribute 5 DLX Convertible Car Seat

This seat weighs just 11.5 lb. It also comes at a pretty low price that isn’t too high at just under $60.  If you have a small vehicle this is a good car seat to buy. The big downside with this car seat is that it has a  weight limit of only 40 lb when in the forward-facing position. That is quite a bit less than the car seat we mentioned above. That’s something to keep in mind if you decide to buy this particular car seat.

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The Maxi Cosi Mico AP

The Maxi Cosi Mico weighs just  8 lb. If you’re looking for a lightweight car seat with excellent features then this is the one. The weight limit is very low at 22 pounds. That means that you will have to replace the car seat relatively soon.

This infant car seat has really great fabrics and padding to make for a comfortable ride for your child. In fact, this particular car seat was designed to be comfortable for babies of all sizes, even the particularly small babies.

Even though the car seat is lightweight it doesn’t compromise on safety features. The manufacturer also totes great side impact support.

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Do You Really Need A Lightweight Car Seat?

You really only need a lightweight car seat if it is an infant car seat and you will be taking the car seat out of the car  frequently. Convertibles and booster seats don’t even have handles for you to easily move them back and forth. It’s only the car seats that are for infants that are designed to be lightweight.

The main reason to buy an infant car seat is for easy carrying or transfering to the stroller. If the car seat will be sitting in the car most of the time then you don’t need an infant car seat and it probably doesn’t matter if the car seat is lightweight or not.

Lightweight Car Seats Are Easier To Travel With

You want a lighter car seat if you are planning on traveling with your baby. You don’t want the added weight of carrying a bulky and heavy car seat through the Isles. It will also take you less time to get the seat installed if it is easier to move around and position.

Having to lug a heavy car seat through the airport to your rental car can be a big hinderenous as well. So those are some things to think about when you are in the process of buying a new car seat.

Car Seats And Public Transportation

If you feel like you might need to use public transportation at any point having a lightweight car seat can be a lifesaver. Sometimes the driver (Uber, Lyft, or taxi) might have a bit of trouble finding you so you have to walk around a little to find the pick-up point.

Lugging around a heavy car seat while doing this can be an even bigger burden.

If you are taking the subway or a bus you might want a light car seat because lugging the baby along with everything else you have to carry can be pretty brutal day after day.

Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats are usually much heavier than the infant car seats, but they are often recommended because they will save you money over the course of a few years.

Instead of buying a rear facing only car seat and then another car seat when your baby is ready to ride in the forward facing position you can buy just one convertible car seat.

After a few years you can change the convertible by adding attachments so that it can accommodate a much bigger child. However, if you are looking for a lightweight car seat you should probably avoid convertibles all together and just get a lighter infant car seat then a forward facing seat when the time comes.

Lightweight Car Seats And Accessories

Usually when you are traveling light you don’t bring a lot of car seat accessories with you. This is something you should think about before going on a trip with a car seat. If you need a canopy to the keep the sun out of your child’s eyes, a tray, or cup holder one accessory might not be a big deal, but all of them add up and can become a nuance when you are trying to keep your load light.

Are Lighter Car Seats Less Safe?

You can still get the safety features you want when you choose a lightweight car seat. The federal safety requirements are pretty steep to begin with. So you don’t have to worry about buying a car seat that is not safe because it is lighter than normal.

However, the top car seats available often go beyond the safety requirements of the federal government. Probably the top feature among informed parents looking for a new car seat is side impact protection. The federal government doesn’t require car seats to have exceptional side-impact protection. Some car seat manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to provide additional side impact protection.

There are also different harness types to choose from and one is actually safer for your child than the other. The 5-point harness is actually a lot safer for your baby than the 3-point harness. There are plenty of light weight car seats that have 5-point harness straps.

So you don’t have to compromise on safety when you choose to go lightweight.

Should You Bring Car Seats With You When You Travel?

I think it’s better to bring your own car seat instead of getting one from a rental company. The reason why is that rental companies often overcharged for these car seats. Many rental companies don’t keep up the car seats so they are often worn down. They often pick bulky and heavy car seats that are hard to carry around.

Finding A Travel System With A Lightweight Car Seat

If you’ve ever had to search for car seats and strollers sold in combination you would know that it can sometimes be very difficult to find a travel system that has a lightweight car seat. Usually people looking for a travel system want a car seat and stroller that can work easily together.

Sometimes the manufacturers aren’t really thinking too much about whether or not the car seat is lightweight.

You need to make sure you know the dimensions before buying the product. Even if you read a review for a travel system that says that the product is lightweight you should make sure you look at the weight on the site before you buy just to make sure.

In the past I have mistakenly found a car seat that seemed like it was the same one as the review and found that it is actually a different version which is a different weight or has different dimensions.


You should be able to find a  car seat that meets your weight requirements without giving up too many features. You just need to establish whether or not  your lifestyle would require a lighter car seat. Some people are in situations where they absolutely require a lighter car seat to be able to get through the day.

However, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t plan on taking the car seat out of the car very often then it doesn’t really matter all that much if the car seat is lightweight or not.

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