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How To Pick The Best Stroller For Your Unique Situation

This page will give you the information you need to make the best possible choice when it comes to buying a stroller for your little one. Below you will find detailed info on how to pick the kind of stroller that will give you the features you want for the price that you can afford.

Choosing the right stroller can be very important. You want a stroller that is not only safe for the baby, but also convenient for you the parent. There are some key considerations that you should think about before deciding on which stroller you want to buy.

You need to think about how you will be using the stroller and how big your storage space in your car is.

No point in buying a big stroller if you don’t have enough space in your trunk.

What Kind Of Stroller Are You Looking For?

Normal Stroller

There are many different types of strollers. There are lightweight, jogging stroller, double stroller, and a full-sized normal stroller.  

One difference between those strollers and a normal full-sized stroller is that the normal stroller should last you a lot longer. A typical full-size stroller can accommodate a newborn baby all the way up to a 50 lb child.

They typically come with many more features and options than the specialized strollers like the jogging stroller or umbrella stroller.  You can sometimes mount these full-sized strollers in the rear-facing or forward facing position, you can adjust the incline, most can accommodate infant bucket seats, and many come with convenient cup holders and trays.

The biggest issue with these bigger strollers is that you can run into problems if you use public transportation or are frequently travelling with your baby in heavily congested areas. So if this is the case you might want to consider a liteway stroller instead.

Jogging Stroller

Usually jogging strollers have rubber wheels, fixed wheels, and in some cases they only have three wheels. There are some jogging strollers that have plastic wheels, but if you go jogging with a stroller that has plastic wheels your baby will feel every bump in the road.

Rubber wheels also give the stroller much better suspension and control when you are jogging making the stroller much easier to control.

You can decide whether or not to use fix wheels, swiveling wheels, or wheels that lock and unlock. Fixed wheels are much better for jogging because it gives you more control when you are going faster. Swiveling wheels are much better for everyday walking with the stroller. It makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces.  

The strollers that can switch between swiveling and fixed wheels are often a good option for parents who jog with their strollers and are often in heavily congested areas with the stroller.

Any jogging stroller that you buy should have a wrist wrap just in case your hands slip off the bar. It also should have a handbrake and a 5-point harness to keep your child securely in the stroller.

Jogging strollers don’t fold up as easily as lightweight strollers or even the normal sized strollers. They can take up a lot of space in your trunk.

You should be honest with yourself about whether you will actually use the jogging stroller. It sounds like a good idea, but many people don’t ever use their jogging strollers.

If you decide to make a jogging stroller your only stroller that could be big inconvenience for you if you are constantly pushing the stroller in heavily congested areas.

Double Stroller

A double stroller isn’t just for twins. If you have children that are within a year or two apart then a double stroller could be quite convenient for you. Usually a double stroller can accommodate children of different ages.

However, for most people the downsides outweigh the good. They are very bulky and hard to store. And maybe people find it quite costly to turn around and buy a double stroller after buying a single the year before.

For many people it would only make sense to buy a double stroller if they have twins. That way on day one you have a stroller for both children.

Lightweight (Umbrella) Stroller

Umbrella strollers are usually much more convenient than any other type of stroller. It takes up less space and storage, folds easily, is much more portable. You can also have some of the features of a full sized stroller like cup holders, trays, canopies, and storage baskets.

The main reason why parents often pass on lightweight strollers like this is because they usually do not accommodate newborn babies. There are some umbrella strollers that can accommodate newborns, but most are designed only to be used with babies who are 6 months or older.

Travel System

A travel system makes a car seat and stroller much easier to connect.  With a car seat and a stroller that were designed to work together it makes things much easier taking the baby back and forth from the car to the stroller.

Any soon-to-be parents often choose this particular option  for convenience sake and because this option is often cheaper.

The main issue with buying a travel system is  that the baby will soon outgrow the infant bucket seat that is used to place the baby into the stroller.  That means that you have to replace the car seat.

How Will You Use The Stroller?

If you are just going to use the stroller on flat sidewalks and in low population cities then any stroller will do.

However, If you were going to use the stroller in a crowded city then you should have at least one stroller with four rubber wheels. The rubber tires give you better suspension and make it easier to maneuver in congested areas.

A four wheel stroller is also easier to maneuver in tight spaces than three wheel strollers.  Many jogging strollers only have three wheels. It’s fine to use your jogging stroller as your main stroller when you won’t be using it in very congested areas. However, if you live in a very crowded city then you probably should just use a four wheel stroller (even if it is a jogging stroller).

Strollers For Newborns

If you’re planning to put a newborn in a stroller then you need to buy a stroller that can accommodate an infant bucket seat style car seat or buy a car seat carrier type of stroller.  This is the only way you can push a newborn baby in a stroller. Without some sort of car seat you will have to wait till the baby is at least 6 months old too place them in a stroller.

Do You Have A Partner That Is A Different Height Than You?

If so then you might want to use an adjustable handlebar. This will make it comfortable for both you and your partner no matter who is pushing the stroller.

Buy An Easy To Clean Stroller

If your goal is to keep your stroller for a long period of time in order to save money then you should probably consider a stroller that has removable and washable parts.

You would think that the main reason for replacing a stroller would be wear and tear.

The truth is that food stains and other crud are one of the main reasons why people turn in their old stroller for a new one. They just can’t bare the shame of pushing around their child in this disgusting petri dish stroller for any longer.

You can only hold out for so long when you have a filthy stroller that you can’t manage to keep clean.

How Much Will It Cost?

At the low end you can find a stroller for $60. It will be more than adequate and you can probably get by with it. High-end strollers go from $600 and up.  I have seen some strollers go as high as $1,400. Travel systems start at $160, and a car seat stroller frame could run you between $80 and $140.

Safety Concerns

If you receive a used stroller make sure you check the CPSC recall list before using it. It may have been recalled because it is a danger to parents or children.

This is very important. Some strollers that have been recalled because they have injured children and adults. For example, one of the strollers was recalled for injuring both children and adults.

Figure Out What Accessories You Want

You should try to figure out beforehand which attachments you might need. It might make things easier for you if you are eating out at the park if your child can simply sit in the stroller and eat on the tray and drink juice from the cup holder that is attached to the stroller.

It also might be important for you to have an attachment to keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes as you push her during the day.

Do You Plan On Using Your Stroller With A Car Seat?

If you already have a car seat you might want to make sure that that particular stroller is compatible with your car seat. If the stroller is incompatible with that particular car seat it might be dangerous for you to place that car seat in the stroller.

Most car seats and strollers that are compatible have a locking mechanism (you’ll often hear a snap).

Are You Trying To Survive On One Stroller Or Do You Need More?

It might make more sense for you to get more than one stroller.  You can only use a stroller with a bucket seat for so long. Your baby will outgrow it and then it might make more sense to  move on to a lighter-weight stroller.

You might want to buy a jogging stroller as well if you think you might like jogging with your baby but if you are constantly in congested areas then it’s probably not a good idea to make a jogging stroller your only stroller.

If you plan on flying with your child you might want a stroller that will fit in an overhead compartment.

If you are really determined to use just one stroller then you really should ask yourself what you are willing to live without. Do you really need a super light weight stroller like an umbrella stroller?

Do you mind gate checking the stroller? It’s not the end of the world. Most airlines will gate check all types of strollers.

It can be convenient for some people to use a lightweight stroller instead of a normal sized stroller, but you can usually find a normal stroller that is “light” enough to not be too much of a burden. There are many full-featured strollers that weight less than 20 pounds.

You can also probably find a normal stroller that has all the features you want and that can also fit in your trunk with all the junk you may or may not have in there.

So if you need to buy just one stroller you can get by just fine in most situations.

How Much Do You Think You Will Have To Carry The Stroller?

If you are taking a subway everywhere or traveling up stairs often then you probably should get a lightweight stroller. If you drive everywhere and live in a house then it might make more sense to get a bigger more full featured stroller.

Do You Plan On Having Another Kid Right Away?

Then you might want a stroller that is capable of being converted into a double stroller. One of the biggest regrets for many parents is not buying a stroller that can be converted into a double.

Buying one that can convert will save you a good amount of money if you “decide” to have another kid.