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Choosing The Right Double Stroller While Saving Money

This article will give you all the information you need to pick the right double stroller. You will find out what factors you should consider when buying a double stroller, which stroller is best for your particular situation, and answers to frequently asked questions of parents looking to purchase a double stroller.

With the right information you shouldn’t find it too difficult to pick the right stroller for your particular needs. Many people often think that it’s pointless to buy a double for two kids of different ages, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, people with small children of different ages are the main people that manufacturers keep in mind when they build these strollers. Most customers are parents with kids of different ages, so why wouldn’t manufacturers focus on satisfying their customer base?

Below we have picked out a few strollers that we feel are the best. With the information we give you here on this page you should be able to make an informed decision on your own about which stroller to buy. You could very well find a stroller that fits your needs better than the ones I recommend below.

What We Recommend

Here are a few of the strollers that I recommend based on my own experience and research. I always like a good three wheel double stroller over a four wheel one for the reasons that I talk about below.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

This is a great stroller with a lot of useful features. What stood out about this stroller is its ease of use and build quality. The three wheel design and pneumatic rubber tires give the stroller good suspension and traction making it easy to maneuver on any terrain.

It also has a locking front swivel making it easier for joggers to control the stroller when moving at a faster pace. It accepts one car seat allowing you to push a newborn and a child 6-months or older at the same time. If you have twins then you will have to wait 6-months to be able to put both of them into the stroller at the same time.

This stroller has excellent storage options with storage below the seat and pockets for carrying items like bottles and diapers etc.

The downside to this stroller is that because it is a three wheel stroller it doesn’t fold as small as some other strollers. Once folded it also can be a bit tiresome to lug around because of it’s bulkiness and weight.

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Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller

This is the lightest and smallest option that we could find. It requires two hands to fold, but it is easy to do and it has a self stand option. It also has an auto-lock feature, and it has a large bin that gives you a good amount of storage.

One knock on this one is that it isn’t as easy to control as some of the others that we have tried, but it controls well enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Is A Double Stroller Necessary?
How Do I Choose A Double Stroller?
Which Double Stroller Is Best For Twins?
Are Double Strollers Really Useful For Parents With Kids Two Years Apart?
Can I Take Double Stroller On A Plane?
Can Double Strollers Be Gate Checked?

When Is A Double Stroller Necessary?

A double stroller is necessary if you would like both children to have equal time with you and have the same experience when they are traveling together. After a while one child can get a little jealous if they aren’t having the same experience as the other.

A double stroller works fine whether your children are twins or not. You just need to pick the right type of stroller for your particular situation.

If one child is older than the other you should pick a stroller that has three wheels instead of four and pneumatic air filled tires. The reason for this is that a stroller with four wheels tends to drag to one side if one child is bigger than the other. The heavier one child is compared to the other the harder it will be to steer.

You want to use quality tires because you will need better suspension when you are pushing two children of different sizes.

Some parents choose a tandem stroller, one with seats situated one in front of the other, when they have children of two different ages. Tandem strollers aren’t as wide as the double strollers making them easier to fit into tighter spaces. However, the older child might outgrow a tandem (or inline) stroller faster than they would a double.

Sometimes a tandem stroller has the newborn situated above the older child making the stroller more vertical and less stable. Back To The Top

How Do I Choose A Double Stroller?

The first thing is that you will choose different strollers depending the children’s ages. If one child is significantly older than the other then you must pick a double stroller with specific features or you will have a terrible time trying to push that thing around.

If one of your children is significantly heavier than the other then you don’t want a double stroller with four wheels. The reason for this is that the stroller will pull to one side if one kid is bigger. In order to keep this from happening it’s best to choose a three wheel stroller with good tires.

Inline strollers don’t take up as much space, but if you pick the right one and aren’t too worried about trunk space then a side-by-side stroller can give both your children a much better experience. Back To The Top

Should I Buy A Double Stroller If I Don’t Have Twins?

Yes, as long as you buy the right kind of stroller you should be fine buying a double for kids that aren’t the same height and weight. The big factor to consider is the wheels. Make sure that the double stroller has three wheels instead of four. This is because four wheel strollers tend to drag to one side when one kid is bigger than the other. Three wheel doubles don’t have this problem.

You should also make sure that the stroller has pneumatic air filled tires. This way the stroller has better control and suspension when you are pushing both of your children. Back To The Top

Which Double Stroller Is Best For Twins?

You might want to start off with a double car seat stroller if you plan on pushing two newborns.

Then once your children are older you might want to switch to a full featured double stroller. Almost all double strollers work well with twins. You don’t have to worry about what type of tires or the number of wheels nearly as much when you have two identical twins.

If you have twins and are keen on buying an inline stroller then make sure that both seats can accommodate older children. Sometimes an inline stroller is designed for one older child and one baby. Back To The Top

Are Double Strollers Really Useful For Parents With Kids Two Years Apart?

Yes, a double stroller can be very useful for parents of kids that are different ages. You just need to pick the right type of stroller. A three wheel stroller with air filled rubber tires will keep a stroller from pulling to one side or the other because of the weight difference between the two kids.

An inline stroller will also work well for a while. However, some tandem or inline strollers have less room in the back for the older child to grow than others. A good side-by-side stroller might be a better option. Back To The Top

Can I Take A Double Stroller On A Plane?

I highly doubt it. The stroller will probably be gate checked by one of the stewardists. That means that the stroller (or a car seat) will be ready for you as soon as you step off the plane. Back To The Top

Can Double Strollers Be Gate Checked?

Yes, any stroller type can be gate checked. You just need to get it tagged and leave it at the bottom of the Jetway. Just make sure you don’t lean it up against the door. Back To The Top

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