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Which Is The Best Double Stroller For A Newborn And Toddler?

In this article you will find a double stroller that will accommodate both a toddler and a newborn. The strollers we recommend in this article will have a back seat that has the ability to lay completely flat.

You should be cautious when buying a double stroller if you are planning on using it with for newborn and a toddler. It becomes especially tricky to find the right one when you have a baby under 6-months. You need the stroller to have at least one seat that reclines completely flat for the newborn (or at least close to completely flat).

There are many double strollers that do not have even one seat that reclines completely.

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Ombra is a great option for parents looking to push a toddler and a newborn. Besides its ability to recline completely in the back seat the stroller also has 5-point harness to make sure that both your infant and newborn are strapped in safely.

You can also connect a compatible car seat to this stroller in the front or the back. So it has multiple ways you can transport a newborn. Other features you might like are its one handed folding feature, its storage basket underneath, and it is fairly compact compared to most doubles.

This Duo Glider is another great double stroller that allows a newborn to lay completely flat in the back seat. It is also compatible with the Graco SnugRide Click Connect infant car seat.

With both strollers you have two options if you want to transport a toddler and stroller. You can either have the backseat lay flat and push the baby that way. Or you can use the car seat.

Both are excellent ways to transport both of your kids in a safe and easy way. You also want to make sure that whatever stroller you choose also has excellent features for future use. We specifically chose strollers that had other features that make them easy to use and convenient for parents.

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