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Which One Is The Best Double Stroller For Travel?

In this article I will tell you exactly which double strollers are best for traveling. I will show you the ones that give the best combination of features at a lower weight that make for a convenient trip with your child.

You’ll want a double stroller that is as lightweight and easy to use as you can manage when you are on a trip with two young kids. You should look specifically at these strollers if you want to gate check a double and take it with you in a strange city or even a foreign country.

This Mountain Buggy Nano is the best double stroller you will find for traveling with. The reason for this is that it is one of the lightest double strollers on the market and it folds compactly.

This means that when you are out somewhere and need to carry the stroller you won’t have much trouble doing it. If you are in another country and aren’t sure you will have access to a car with enough room to fit a double stroller, then this stroller is a good choice. It folds compactly for a jogging stroller.

We couldn’t find a double stroller that folds any more compactly than this one. And it is the lightest double stroller you will find at just over 20 pounds.

Another option for a double stroller for traveling is the Evenflo Minno Twin. This stroller is a little heavier at 25 pounds and it doesn’t fold nearly as compactly, but it has many of the features you would find in a full sized double stroller.

So it compromises a lot less than an umbrella stroller, but has a lot of the same features of a full-sized double. Each seat independently reclines so one child can sit up and another can lie down and sleep as needed. It’s a nice little convenience feature that’s lacking in the mountain buggy we mentioned earlier.

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