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Looking For The Right Tandem Double Jogging Stroller?

In this article we will give you the best tandem double jogging stroller we could find for the right price. We only look at strollers that have a good balance between features and price to make the investment worthwhile.

As you are probably already aware, it’s difficult to find a good tandem jogging stroller. Even the biggest retailers don’t seem to keep many in stock so when they become available you have to pounce.

Phil And Ted’s Sport Stroller is an excellent stroller for anyone looking to jog with two small children. What stands out about this stroller compared to the competition is that this one handles surprisingly well when jogging compared to other jogging strollers.

The problem with most tandem jogging strollers is that they are bit too long which would make it so the stroller wouldn’t be able to stay upright if it only had 3 wheels. So they add a fourth wheel and now the stroller doesn’t handle nearly as well at faster speeds.

Anything more than a brisk jog with a four-wheel jogging stroller can become a chore because they are so hard to steer.

They’ve made it so that Phil And Ted’s Sport Stroller is above the backseat. Not right above it, but enough that they don‘t have to make the stroller too long. The way it’s designed it feels like you are pushing a little chariot or wagon yet the ride is very smooth. It’s also pretty sturdy and well designed.

You can add a car seat to either seat or both and be just fine. So it works well for twins or two children of different ages.

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