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How To Pick A Full Sized Stroller And Make It Even More Convenient

This page will give you the info you need to have the best possible experience with your full sized stroller. You will get all the information on the best features to look for in a stroller and quality of life accessories that you should pick up when you are out and about. This page is just for the people who are most concerned with having the most convenient walking experience possible for you and your baby.

If you have certain special needs for the type of stroller you want or you are on a tight budget you can go here.

Quick Recommendations

These are the strollers that I feel are the most convenient for parents.

UPPAbaby Vista

This stroller is very versatile and will allow for a number of different seating configurations as your child grows and your family expands. This particular stroller can eventually accomodate two children if you ever end up having another kid.

This stroller has great build quality and a host of excellent features that pushed it to the top of my list. This stroller is easy to steer, fold, and store. It has foot brakes and a storage bin that allows up to 30 pounds of storage. It also has a nice canopy for blocking out the sun and a 5-point harness.

See The Price Here

BOB Revolution Flex

Only a few strollers can pull off functioning as both a jogging stroller and a regular full sized stroller. Many jogging strollers aren’t good for everyday use because they don’t maneuver well in tight spaces. The BOB Revolution Flex is an exception to that rule. This is one of only a few jogging strollers that I would recommend for everyday use. And because it is a jogging stroller it has great tires and suspension making for a smoother ride for your baby.

See The Current Price Here

What Are Some Of The Quality Of Life Features We Should Look Out For?

When I am looking for a new stroller I do not focus on fancy features or trendy styles. I actually want something that is very convenient. That usually means that it has a lot of high quality features like weathershields, handbrakes, tray tables, and extra storage.


Foot brakes are the most common. A foot brake allows you to stop the stroller without using your hands. So if your hands aren’t free then you can simply use your foot to keep the stroller in place. This is particularly useful if you stop for any reason and need to use both hands. This is a simple and quick way to stop the stroller from moving forward.

There are two type of hand brakes you should look out for.  With one type of handbrake you activate it (usually by squeezing the handle) to get it to stop and the other you squeeze to get the brake to release so you can move forward (automatic brakes). The good thing about having automatic brakes is that if you lose your grip on the handles for any reason it will stop automatically. This is the safer alternative, but it can be a little inconvenient for some. It could also cause you to feel some fatigue in your hands.

The handbrake that you have to squeeze to activate is just as safe, especially when they come with wrist tethers to make sure you don’t lose the stroller. They also won’t tire you as easily because you don’t have to hold on to the brakes to keep them activated.


The standard wheels that you will find on strollers are plastic wheels coded in rubber. These fake rubber tires are the reason why you see some children jumping around with every crack in the road when they are riding in a stroller.

Air filled tires give a much smoother ride. The baby isn’t bumping up and down with every crack or bump in the road. These tires are usually good for walking on uneven roads without much problems, but they aren’t good for jogging or going off-road.

Pneumatic tires are the best type of tires and they are usually found in jogging strollers. You don’t necessarily need to have a pneumatic tires if you don’t plan on jogging with your baby.

Air filled tires with ball bearings are the best type of tires you can get for a stroller. They can be used under any circumstance including going offroad. They are the most durable type of tires and they produce the best and smoothest experience for your child.

Good Suspension

When you are looking to purchase a stroller make sure that your stroller has a good suspension system. Jogging strollers typically have the best suspension but you don’t need to buy a jogging stroller to get good suspension. Look for a stroller with all-wheel suspension or adjustable suspension.

Hand Tether

If you happen to lose your grip on a stroller going downhill a foot brake probably won’t do you much good. So now you are running down this hill trying to catch your child. That is why they invented the hand tether.

Extra Storage Space

It’s nice not to have to lug around a bunch of convenience items for your child. Instead of lugging around a bunch of convenience items for you and your child you can just put in in the extra storage bin located underneath or behind the stroller.

Compact Folding

Some strollers are bigger and take up more space than others. If you don’t have much trunk space, plan on using public transit, or you simply don’t have the space for a large stroller then you should consider getting one that folds compactly.

Child Trays

You will find that child trays are simple but a very convenient feature to have when you are out and you need to feed your child. It’s a simple, yet convenient feature that some strollers don’t have.

Accessories I Recommend That Don’t Typically Come With Strollers

Here are some recommended attachments that don’t typically come with strollers. Some strollers have some of these attachments, but most do not.

Cupholders For Parents

When you are on a long walk with your child you don’t want to be bogged down having to carry too much. Especially if you buy a drink that just has a top on it, meaning you have to balance it making sure not to spill it, a cup holder for an adult is a good accessory to have.

Stroller Pockets

A pocket that attaches to the handle bars can also be very convenient when you are on a walk with your child. You have everything you need right there in front of you and anything that doesn’t fit in this little pocket you can place down in an a storage bin underneath the stroller.

Toy And Cup Tethers

Kids throw things. So it’s good to have a tether on cups and toys to make sure they don’t hit the ground. It’s very inconvenient having to find a place to wash a cup or toy because your baby through the cup on the ground or it fell over for whatever reason.

Sun And Bug Stroller Cover

It’s definitely a good idea to provide protection from the sun for your small child. You don’t want your baby to be exposed to too much sun, especially when you are are on a long walk. Many of the best sun covers also have a bug screen for keeping out bugs. The peace and quiet you get when you are walking out on the road will be all the thanks you need from your child.

Hook Sets

These allow you to hook on any attachments like grocery bags. Makes life a lot more convenient for you when you are shopping.

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