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Running With A Regular Stroller Can Be Difficult

My friend is determined to go jogging with me and picked up a “jogging stroller” that looked similar to mine. Turns out it wasn’t a jogging stroller at all and is just a “full-sized” stroller that kind-a-sort-a looks like what I have. Is it ok for her to jog with it?

Can I Run With A Regular Stroller?

No, usually these full-sized strollers aren’t great for jogging. Most of these full-sized strollers typically have these fake rubber tires that are plastic and have rubber covering them for cosmetic purposes. That means that the baby will bounce all over the place as you are jogging.

While you are jogging smoothly your friend’s baby will bounce up and down wildly and she will often lose control of the stroller because of the poor handling and suspension features.

Most normal sized strollers also don’t allow you to lock the front wheels. That means that the wheels will often turn the wrong way as you are jogging with your baby. This makes it much more difficult to control the stroller when you are going faster than just walking. Even a brisk walk with most normal strollers is a pain. So I think if you tried to jog with them you would have a serious problem.

When that wheel turns the wrong way the normal stroller is likely to move to one side possibly causing you to crash into a parked car or a tree, for example. The normal stroller could even fall over if you are not careful.

With a jogging stroller the front wheels lock in place preventing the wheels from turning the wrong way. They design jogging strollers for stability, with the wheels positioned further apart, so it is far less likely to fall over when you are pushing it.

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