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Finding The Features You Want In A Jogging Stroller On A Budget

This article will tell you which features of a jogging stroller are most important and show you how to find the best jogging stroller for your needs on a budget. In this article I will tell you why each feature is important and which of the strollers we feel are the best possible bang for your buck.

These Features Make For A Smoother Ride

You might have seen one of those full-size strollers that looks like a jogging stroller. Don’t be fooled. If you plan on jogging then you want a stroller that is specifically made for doing so. Jogging strollers have features that make jogging with your baby much safer than a normal stroller.

Here are a few features that make jogging strollers essential for joggers:

  • Better suspension
  • Fixed Wheels
  • Three Wheels
  • Rubber Wheels
  • Bigger Wheels
  • Hand Brakes
  • Safety Tethers
  • Five Point Harness

How The Suspension Is Better With Jogging Strollers

Usually jogging strollers have rubber wheels. The rubber wheels make for a much smoother ride with better suspension.

Why Is This Important?

This means that your baby will not be bouncing up and down with each crack and bump in the sidewalk. It also means that when you’re going off-road you have much easier control over the stroller. When you are jogging it gives you better handling so that you don’t lose control of the stroller.

Fixed Wheels Make The Difference For These Reasons…

Usually a jogging stroller has wheels that are locked in place. Some strollers have a locking mechanism so that you can lock the front wheels in place and others have no locking mechanism at all.

Why Lock The Front Wheels?

When you are jogging it makes it easier to control the stroller if the wheels are fixed. Very often if you are jogging with a stroller that has wheels that aren’t locked in place the wheels will sometimes get caught in the wrong direction briefly. In general a stroller with with unlocked front wheels are much more difficult to maneuver than locked front wheels.

Three Wheels Are Better Than Four Because…

You will find that some jogging strollers have only three wheels and some have four. Jogging strollers that have four wheels aren’t terrible, but I recommend that you buy a jogging stroller that has three wheels instead.

Why Pick A Jogging Strollers With Three Wheels?

Jogging strollers with three wheels are easier to maneuver when you are jogging. With a four wheel stroller, even if you lock it in place it it doesn’t work very well while you are jogging. A four wheel jogging stroller is a compromise because it’s much better for walking in congested areas and folding than a three wheel stroller is. If you know that you will use your jogging stroller frequently then get a three wheel stroller. If you are unsure then you might want to consider a four wheel stroller since it is better for everyday use.

Why You Need Hand Brakes For Jogging

I wouldn’t recommend a jogging stroller that doesn’t come with a handbrake (unless it’s a really goo deal). It is a very important feature to have if you want to drive with your baby.

Why Are Handbrakes Important?

Knowing that you have a handbrake makes for an easier jog then it would be without one. You don’t have to worry about using your feet as brakes while you run. Instead you can jog normally and use the brakes as needed.This is particularly useful when you are running downhill. Without that hand break you would have to completely abandon your jogging form and act as a break to keep the stroller from getting out of your control.

Why Safety Tethers Are A Must

Jogging Strollers have tethers that attach to your wrists to make sure that you don’t lose your stroller if you just so happen to lose your grip.

Why Is This Feature Essential?

You might stumble at some point and lose your grip on the stroller. The safety tether will make sure your child doesn’t get away from you if that happens. The safety tether is particularly useful if you are jogging down hill. You could lose your grip on the stroller and not be able to catch up with it.

Why A Five Point Harness Is Used In Jogging Strollers

The five point harness is just like the harness for most car seats.

Why Is It Important To Have A Harness For A Jogging Stroller?

It’s important because you want to make sure your baby is secure in the seat while you are running. Because you’re going faster than usual it’s more important to make sure that the baby is trapped in safe and tight than it would be if you were just walking. On the off chance that the jogging stroller hits something like a parked car or a tree then your baby won’t have any problems with the impact going at that speed.

These Strollers Will Give You The Best Bang For Your Buck…

Here we have compiled a list of a few jogging strollers that we find to be the best bang for your buck. These are the jogging strollers that will give you the best quality, features, ease of use, and overall value for your buck.

Bob Revolution Pro

The stroller isn’t super new, but I haven’t found anything that out classes it at this point. It has swivel front wheel that locks in place, a handle bar that offers 9 different positions, and an easy two-step folding process.

What Makes The Bob Revolution Pro So Special?

The Bob Revolution Pro gives you a very smooth ride and it has a ton of excellent features. You can really feel the suspension system as you press down on the handle bars. The pro version gives you extra safety features that you won’t find with the normal Bob Revolution stroller. The stroller has a hand break and it’s quieter than most of the strollers that I tested. It also comes with a great canopy and will keep the sun out of your child’s eyes for sure.

See The Best Price Here

Baby Trend Expedition

This is a stroller that will last you a long time and can be used in just about any situation. It is good for taking your baby off road or to the mall. The main reason why it should last you a long time is because the build quality is good.

What makes this stroller so special?

The price.

Some would say that it is arguably an average jogging stroller, but for the price it is a very good deal. Be fair warned that the suspension isn’t nearly as good as it is with the Bob Revolution Pro. The Baby Trend Expedition does have excellent tires and because of this the stroller works well on pretty much all terrain, but it is missing some premium features that could make jogging with this stroller a bit of a chore. It doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar, no hand break, and the suspension could be better but it is a heck of a deal at this price.

See The Best Price Here

Thule Urban Glide

This is a bit of a highend jogging stroller

What makes it worth the price?

It is actually good in tight spaces meaning you could take it from jogging straight to the mall without any problems maneuvering around people. The suspension is also great making for a better jogging experience with the stroller. It has a swivel front wheel and it is easy to turn while your jogging. It’s also lighter weight than most jogging strollers available.

See The Best Price Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have placed some questions that are often asked by people in the community.

What Are Jogging Strollers?

Jogging strollers have specific features that make it easier and safer to jog with your child. They have wheels that give you more traction, a wider frame for stability, and sometimes even a handbrake. Most jogging strollers have rubber wheels, but some jogging strollers come with cheaper plastic wheels that aren’t recommended because they make the ride extremely bumpy once you start jogging with the stroller.

How Long Do I have To Wait To Use The Jogging Stroller?

Manufactures usually tell you to wait until your baby is at least 6 months old just to be safe. This is also what most doctors will tell you as well. However, there has been some debate over the Internet about how long you must wait. Some experienced parents have suggested that you can start when the baby is 4 months old if she has good neck strength.

You might plan to wait in that entire 6 months, but very often parents will take the jogging stroller out for a test run and ultimately end up using the jogging stroller a little bit earlier than the six-month recommendation.

How Do You Run With A Jogging Stroller?

When running with your child your first priority is safety. Make sure that you’re strapped into the hand tether at all times. If your jogging stroller doesn’t have a hand brake you will have to use your feet as the brakes, particularly when you are going down hill. Don’t expect to run at your normal pace. You will go 20% slower, but you will burn more calories because you will work your arms and midsection more while you are running while pushing the stroller.

Pay attention to your momentum. If you do not have a hand brake on your stroller you will have to account for your ability to stop the stroller with your feet. Even if you do have a hand brake don’t get careless. You still need to give the handbrake some time to stop the stroller.

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