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Can You Put An Infant In A Jogging Stroller?

I’m ready to get back out there and jog so I bought this new stroller for jogging with my baby. Is there is any way I can avoid waiting until my baby is 6-months old to use this jogging stroller?

No, you are never supposed to jog with an infant under 6 months old. You might have seen infant car seat attachments that go on jogging strollers. They include infant car seat attachments for jogging strollers just so you can walk with the baby in the car seat. Without it the ride would be too strenuous for the baby’s neck even if you are just walking.

Adding the car seat to a jogging stroller doesn’t make it safe for jogging with a baby.

If you are adamant about jogging with your baby, consult with your pediatrician. Some pediatricians have given their okay for some parents to jog with their babies as early as two months because they have examined the child and determined that they have the neck strength to handle the ride as long as they are in a car seat.  Of course, you can’t use the jogging stroller with a baby that is just two months old without a car seat.

Keep in mind that even with a car seat most babies will still bounce around a quite bit when jogging. The infant inserts won’t be enough to keep your baby’s head from bobbing around.

At the very least if you are going to jog with a young baby you should strongly consider a jogging stroller that has really good suspension and shock absorption features so you can minimize the strain you put on your baby’s neck. Most jogging stroller just wouldn’t be equipped to provide your baby with a smooth enough ride even when you are jogging on smooth surfaces.

It’s just not a good idea, but if you are incredibly stubborn you might be able to get your pediatrician to okay it if he checks the baby out and finds she has exceptional neck strength for her age. If you come back later on and the doctor finds that your baby has a strained neck from you jogging with her he could be held liable for giving you that bad advice. So it’s rare that they will give you the ok, but there are at least a few people that got the ok from their pediatrician.

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