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Looking For A Jogging Stroller With an Infant Car Seat?

Anyone looking for a jogging stroller that will accommodate a newborn should continue reading this article.  A jogging stroller is a great option for parents of a newborn who would like to jog with their baby in the future.

It’s always best to use an infant car seat that is specifically designed to be used with a particular stroller instead of using an adapter. Usually the adapters are just buckles and straps that fasten the car seat in place. While you shouldn’t expect the car seat to just fall off of the stroller,  it is not nearly as safe as a car seat that clicks into a stroller.

The Baby Trend Expedition jogger is a good option for anyone looking for a jogging stroller that comes with a car seat. This is the most recommended jogging stroller that comes with a car seat particularly because it gives you a great system at a relatively low price compared to its competitors.

Most strollers alone cost more than both the jogging stroller and car seat that comes with the system. It’s not the best car seat and stroller on the market, but it is exceptional for the amount of money you will spend on it.

This particular jogging stroller is easy to run with and is well made. The stroller turns well and even has the option of locing the wheel in place if you only would like to run straight with the stroller.

The added car seat allows the system to accommodate a child from 0lb to 50 lb in the stroller. When the child is in the car the car seat will accommodate a child in the rear facing position until she is 30 lb and in the forward facing position until she is 50 lb. And because the car seat has good quality parts, it could be the last car seat you will ever need to buy.

Is It Safe To Jog With A Newborn?

Even if the jogging stroller has a car seat attached, you should wait until the baby is at least 6 months old before you jog with the child. It’s PARTICULARLY dangerous if you are using a car seat that wasn’t specifically designed to be used with that particular jogging stroller. So for example if you have a car seat adapter that buckles and straps onto the jogging stroller it may not be as safe as a car seat specifically made to be used with that jogging stroller.

Usually a car seat that is specifically made for a certain jogging stroller will snap into the jogging stroller and it won’t have much movement. With a strap adapter it’s just too much wiggle room and the stroller just isn’t a tight enough fit.

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