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When Can Babies Ride In Jogging Strollers?

My friend thought it would be okay to have her baby ride in a jogging stroller at just four months. Is that okay?

You should wait until the baby is at least 6-months old just to be safe. Many babies don’t have the neck strength needed to safely ride in a jogging stroller until they are at least 6-months old. If aren’t willing to wait an extra couple of months, then take your baby in to the pediatrician and ask her if she thinks it will be ok.

Some people have claimed a doctor had given them the ok to have their baby in a jogging stroller earlier because the doctor examined the baby’s neck strength and determined that it was ok. However, the vast majority of doctors would likely tell you it is not safe for your infant to ride in a jogging stroller when they are under 6-months old.

Attaching an infant car seat to a jogging stroller doesn’t make it safe to jog with a baby under 6-months old either. You still need to wait because the baby’s neck strength is likely not good enough to suffer through all the bouncing you would put them through by having them riding in a stroller when you are going at that pace. Especially when you are jogging off-road.

If your friend is determined to jog with her baby at 4-months, then she should at least have a jogging stroller that has good suspension, shock absorption, and a hand brake just in case you have to go downhill. Even with all that I think it still could be harsh ride on a 4-month-old, but some parents claim to do this with their children at 4-months old with no significant problems.

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